Posted on 07 July 2016

A friend of mine known politely as @thickandcreamy sent @materialbyproduct a picture from the latest @chanel couture show with models parading through the set of an atelier. 

When I saw it, my mind flickered between moments of big and small ego. I thought of so many things. I sense-checked with @thickandcreamy who calmed and clarified with the following: ‘The beauty of the product comes from the craft and skills of the atelier - something MPB and Chanel both value and celebrate.’ 

I am a fan of the original Coco Chanel for the modern tailoring language she created which defines the super brand today. I often wonder: who is @karllagerfeld and what does he represent? 

Resting on one conclusion, he is a persistent creator who has continued to create with the Chanel language through many changes in the fashion business over his long, long career. @karllagerfeld to me is a reference point. When I am about to do something, like the creative direction and styling on my own campaign, he is a benchmark for what is important. 

This seasons’s moment with @karllagerfeld and @chanel reminds me that MATERIALBYPRODUCT is another unique couture language. We are a special house for an audience that loves it. 

When @thickandcreamy flicked me the latest @chanel show images, he was saying: 'We love what you do @materialbyproduct, and the way you do it.'

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Susan Dimasi
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Postscript from @thickandcreamy 'Also, Dolce & Gabbana honoured their atelier with a video behind the show and the atelier all came out for a bow in 2010. Margiela lab coats honour the atelier. Isaac Mizrahi had his 'scrim' in Unzipped to show the depth and breadth of a fashion show. I think your main point is that Karl has come to the party long after your history of celebrating your workroom, craft, skills, and the 'heart' of where the MBP magic happens!' 

* Dolce & Gabbana video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBDh_F7rzo8

*Images http://www.vogue.com/13454676/chanel-haute-couture-fall-2016-willow-smith/?mbid=nl_070516_Daily&CNDID=29430276

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