Posted on 05 July 2016

Currently in the business of fashion, shop the cat walk concepts are being celebrated as necessary business revolutions and consequently, the relevance of fashion shows and weeks are being questioned. Since my very first show in 2003 I have questioned the fashion system, not out of disrespect but in fact due to so much respect that I wanted to contribute to its evolution. During my early career I withdrew from fashion trade weeks and runways while very much remaining a part of contemporary fashion. Maintaining relevance while not participating in the norms is a tricky line to tread but my ability to do so is evidenced by my inclusion in the Thames & Hudson global survey, Art/Fashion in the 21st Century* and the current NGV exhibition, 200 Years of Australian Fashion.*

As an independent fashion house I was motivated by survival. I thought better of admitting the latter point until I realised the motivations for change at the level of big business fashion are the same: relevance and survival. After reading an interview with Chairman and Chief Executive of Kering, François-Henri Pinault in AFR Life & Leisure I realised MATERIALBYPRODUCT absolutely is one of the ateliers in the world that is closing the gap between creator and consumer without sacrificing the core of creativity and craft which defines luxury and heritage. 

I very much look forward to sharing the new SS17 Artisan Collection with you available now for Private Order.

Susan Dimasi

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